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Dental Extractions

Tooth Extraction, Wisdom Tooth Extraction, and Post-Extraction Care
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Tooth Extraction & Removal

If possible, your dentist will always try to save and repair your natural teeth. However, there are some cases when it is best for your dental health that a tooth or teeth be extracted. At our Lakewood Ranch office in Sarasota, we will do whatever it takes to restore your natural teeth and give you the best replacements and treatments if extraction is necessary. There are several different situations where tooth extraction is the best course of action. These cases include seriously infected teeth, damaged teeth which cannot be repaired by a filling or crown, if pain persists long after restorative treatment, insufficient space for a tooth, and crowding.

Tooth Extraction

Periodontal disease (gum disease) can cause teeth to become extremely infected. This can affect the health of the entire mouth. If the tooth or teeth in question cannot be repaired, it will likely need to be pulled. In this case, the tooth will also need to be replaced by a partial denture, bridge, or implant. Leaving an extraction site empty (except in the case of an impacted tooth), can lead to complications and further damage to the entire mouth.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth removal is the most common tooth extraction treatment. Wisdom teeth are permanent adult teeth which grow into the corners of the mouth in our teen years or early adulthood. However, oftentimes, the mouth does not have room for the wisdom teeth. These impacted teeth can cause pain, infection, and other further damage. It is common for wisdom teeth to be pulled, even before they become impacted to prevent possible infection and complications.

Post-Extraction Care

Having teeth removed can sound like a daunting procedure. However, our dentists at Corona Family Dentistry are determined to make the process comfortable and easy. It is important that you also know what to expect after the extraction procedure. This will help the healing process go smoothly and keep you from experiencing further dental complications. Be sure to follow the instructions your dentist and dental team give you regarding proper care of your mouth after a tooth extraction.

After your dentist removes a tooth, they will place a gauze pack on the extraction site. The gauze will limit the bleeding as well as allow the area to form a blood clot to help in the healing process. Be sure to keep the gauze on the extraction site for 30 to 45 minutes after you leave the office. Once you remove the gauze, it is normal for the site to bleed a little more. To help the blood clot form again, place a warm, damp pack of fresh gauze on the site of extraction. Gently bite down on the gauze until you feel a slight pressure. Continue to place pressure on it for about 30 minutes. In the meantime, try not to suck on the gauze pack or move it with your tongue. If the wound soaks the gauze with blood, replace the gauze with a clean pack.

Once you remove the gauze and the bleeding has stopped, brush and floss your other teeth as usual, but avoid cleaning the extraction site or teeth around it for the day. The next day, you can once again clean those teeth as normal, as long as you are careful not to disturb the extraction site.

While the socket heals, rinse your mouth with warm salt water after each meal. This will keep food from lodging in the extraction site. Be careful not to swish water too hard, or the blood clot could loosen. When drinking, avoid using straws as the sudden water pressure might also disturb the blood clot. You may eat solid foods as soon as it is comfortable, but try to avoid chewing on the same side of the socket for a few days after extraction.


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