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Family Dentistry

Dental Care for the whole family

Comprehensive Family Dentistry for Ages 12 and Up

At Corona Family Dental, we focus on providing comprehensive oral healthcare for patients ages 12 and up. We offer a wide range of services, including routine cleanings, fillings, and preventative care, ensuring the dental needs of the entire family are met in one convenient location. We emphasize creating a comfortable and welcoming environment, making dental visits a positive experience and fostering lifelong oral health.

Dental Exams

Thorough Dental Exams for Optimal Oral Health

Regular dental checkups are vital to maintaining proper oral health, and they are especially important for children. Children’s teeth change dramatically as they grow. Using a proactive approach with routine exams and checkups allows us to monitor new growth and prevent potential complications such as cavities and overcrowded adult teeth, ensuring a healthy and vibrant smile as they mature.

Preventative Dental Care

Essential Preventative Dental Care: Keep Your Child's Smile Healthy





Preventative dental treatments help to ensure that your child has a better start to a happy, healthy life. Daily brushing and flossing as well as regular cleanings at our Bradenton and Sarasota offices are as important for children as they are for adults. Cleaning helps to remove food particles, plaque, and other harmful bacteria which has hardened or is too hard to remove by brushing and flossing. Bacteria build-up can lead to complications such as gum disease, so thorough cleanings are vital too keeping your child’s pearly whites healthy. While the dentist cleans your child’s teeth, they are also able to detect potential problems such as cavities, unnoticed fractures, eruption, and crowding. Sealants are also often applied to a child’s molars in order to prevent even the possibility of a cavity.

Dental Restoration

Expert Dental Restoration Services

If decay or infection does take hold in your child’s teeth, there are restorative treatments that can help. Fillings are often used to restore teeth affected by cavities—a fairly common complication in children, and custom child-sized crowns may be used to further restore a tooth.

Dental Space Maintainers

Supporting Your Child's Dental Development

If a child loses a baby tooth prematurely, the space left behind may cause damage to the surrounding teeth and mouth. This could be especially serious if your child loses their molars too early. If your child starts to lose their baby teeth before they are six years old, consult their dental pediatrician. Your dentist may choose to use space maintainers to keep the place of the lost tooth until new teeth start to grow in. Spacers are painless “place-holders” for baby teeth which have been lost prematurely. The spacer is usually made of a metal or acrylic material and may be attached to springs or rubber bands. They resemble a retainer and can either be fixed in place or removable. There are also space maintainers that resemble teeth for missing front teeth.

Dental Extractions

Tooth Removal Solutions

Though every measure may be taken to repair or restore a damaged tooth, sometimes extractions are necessary to protect the rest of the mouth. If a tooth is badly broken and cannot be repaired, or if it has become deeply infected, extraction and replacement might be the best option. Extraction may also be necessary if a baby tooth does not fall out on its own, to ensure proper alignment and health of the adult teeth.

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