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Dental Crowns


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Dental Crowns in Bradenton and Sarasota

At Corona Family Dental, we fix smiles with top dental crowns. Our expert team restores teeth’ beauty and function. Need a strong tooth fixed? Come see us today. We work hard to make your smile great again. Serving Sarasota and Bradenton, we’re here for you.

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What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a cap that covers your tooth. It’s shaped to fit perfectly over the top. Crowns help protect, strengthen, and restore teeth. They’re used when fillings won’t fix your dental problems. We customize our Bradenton and Sarasota offices for you.

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Why Choose Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns shield weak teeth from breakage, ensuring long-term oral health. They rebuild severely worn or broken teeth for functional integrity. Crowns support large fillings when the remaining tooth is minimal. They’re essential in anchoring dental bridges firmly in place. For cosmetic enhancement, they effectively cover misshaped or discolored teeth.

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The Process of Getting Your Dental Crown

First, we evaluate your tooth’s health and structure. Then, we reshape the outer part for crown fitting. Next comes an impression of a tailor-made crown. A temporary cover protects you while we make your permanent one. Finally, we securely attach your new durable crown.

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Preparation of the Tooth

We start by carefully shaping your tooth. This step ensures the crown fits perfectly. Then, the enamel is removed—just enough to make room for the new cap. Precision here means comfort and a seamless look later on. Our expert technique guarantees your crown will be secure and lasting.


In creating your dental crown, we first capture a mold of your tooth. This step ensures the new crown fits perfectly. Precision here is key for comfort and function. The impression process is quick and painless. Trust us to craft a crown that feels natural.

Temporary Crown

A temporary crown shields your tooth while we craft your permanent piece. It’s a short-term fix, lasting only until the final one is ready. This ensures that you can eat and speak without worry during this period. We designed the fit to be comfortable yet secure in daily use. Trust us to keep your smile safe every step of the way.

Fitting Your New Crown

We ensure your new crown fits perfectly. It’s carefully adjusted for a seamless fit and then permanently set in place for lasting function and comfort. With precision, we secure your dental restoration to enhance both bite and smile aesthetics. Our goal is to provide you with a durable solution that feels natural. Trust us at Corona Family Dental; excellence defines our craft.


Ensuring the Longevity of Your Dental Crowns

To keep your dental crown in top shape, brush it twice daily. Make flossing a daily habit to protect the edges of your crowns. Hard foods can damage crowns; choose softer options instead. If you grind at night, wearing a guard helps prevent wear and tear. Book regular visits with us for health checks on teeth and crowns. 

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Why Choose Corona Family Dental?

At Corona Family Dental, we blend expertise with modern care. Our practice in Bradenton and Sarasota offers top dental technology for crowns. We give clear cost details without hidden fees. Personalized service is our promise to every patient we see. Trust us to bring back your confident smile.

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